Mixing Babies And Business™

047 | Season 4 welcome and guest previews, producing a podcast alongside a newborn and speaking about remote work with kids

October 11, 2022 Amy Maureen Lynch Season 4 Episode 47
Mixing Babies And Business™
047 | Season 4 welcome and guest previews, producing a podcast alongside a newborn and speaking about remote work with kids
Show Notes

INTRO: My name is Amy Lynch and I'm the host and producer of the Mixing Babies And Business™ Podcast. 

Welcome back and thank you for tuning in to Season 4, sponsored by the Startup Community Empowerment Fund, which is presented by Startup Canada, Mastercard, UPS and BDC.

It’s been over 9 months since my baby was born and this season has felt very slow and steady as I’ve spread the process of guest interview preparation, recording, editing and production over the longest space of time yet.

Who knew it would be harder to record a podcast around a newborn baby than two pre-school age kids stuck at home two years ago? Not me.

During this season, I’m hoping you will tune in each week as 2022 winds down, where we will take a bit of a journey together, meeting four individuals who have been building great things, making an impact and raising humans along the way.


  • Episode 47 with Amy Lynch: Introduction to Season 4
  • Episodes 48–50 with Christine Michel Carter: A mother of two kids, Forbes Contributor and Founder of Minority Women Marketing.
  • Episodes 51–53 with Alexis Grant: A serial entrepreneur and parent of two kids, founder of They Got Acquired.
  • Episode 54 with Amy Lynch: My 'Remote Work With Kids' keynote session from Running Remote.
  • Episodes 55–57 with Liam Martin: An entrepreneur and parent of one kid, co-founder and CMO of Time Doctor and Staff.com.
  • Episodes 58–60 with Jace Meyer: A serial entrepreneur and mother of one kid, founder of COYA Productions.
  • Episodes 61–62 with Amy Lynch: How I plan and host parent-friendly business events and how you can too and Recap of Season 4 highlights.

These upcoming episodes and Seasons 1–3 of the podcast have been created with parents like you in mind.

Another Season here and unfolding and I’m grateful for you taking the time to listen to these conversations and ideas on how to create more inclusive, flexible and receptive work environments, company cultures and corporate spaces for parents and their children.



Where parenthood meets professional development:
As a social impact movement and community, I'm focused on producing parent-friendly professional development, digital resources and more inclusive and flexible work solutions for primary caregivers.

This podcast features solo episodes from me covering my journey bringing my kids into business settings over the past seven years and guest interviews with business and community leaders, where we chat about all things parenthood, entrepreneurship, flexible and remote work with kids.

Edited down into under 20-minute episodes, released each Season twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday – perfect for on-the-go, meal, nap and play time listening.

Thanks for joining me and sharing with your network of parents!

- Amy Lynch (+ Family)
Founder | Event + Podcast Host

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