Mixing Babies And Business™

061 | How I plan and host parent-friendly business events in corporate spaces with Amy Lynch

December 13, 2022 Amy Maureen Lynch Season 4 Episode 61
Mixing Babies And Business™
061 | How I plan and host parent-friendly business events in corporate spaces with Amy Lynch
Show Notes

INTRO: My name is Amy Lynch and I'm the host and producer of the Mixing Babies And Business™ Podcast. 

Thanks for tuning into my bonus episode about hosting parent-friendly events for the caregivers in your professional networks. 

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  • Why you should think about the caregivers in your network when you begin planning your event, in person retreat or experience
  • Budget considerations and why parent-friendly aspects shouldn't be an afterthought
  • The things which cost nothing that can make a big difference to your audience
  • Examining your event experience, logistics, atmosphere, venue, catering, communications and more
  • Why you may want to consider pop-up childcare or stipends for guest speakers or delegates who are required to be on site for your event
  • How I host my parent-friendly professional development events and you can too

Season 4 has been sponsored by the Startup Community Empowerment Fund, presented by Startup Canada, Mastercard, UPS and BDC.



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