Mixing Babies And Business™

031 | Season 2 recap and my DIY podcast from home workflow during a pandemic

May 12, 2021 Amy Maureen Lynch Season 2 Episode 31
Mixing Babies And Business™
031 | Season 2 recap and my DIY podcast from home workflow during a pandemic
Show Notes

RECAP: My name is Amy Lynch and I'm the host and producer of the Mixing Babies And Business™ Podcast. Since August 2020, I've steadily chugged along, interviewing 10 guests and producing over 30 episode, across two seasons.

My work has been selected as one of Future of Good‘s Top 100 Recovery Projects in Canada in 2020, you can learn more and vote for my project (of which this podcast is part of) at the link!


  • Episode 15 with Amy Lynch: Introduction to Season 2
  • Episodes 16–18 with Sheena Brady and Solange Tuyishime: A parent and Founder and CEO of Tease Tea, Founder & Co-Owner of Founders Fund; and a parent and President and CEO of Elevate International, Co-Founder of Naylah’s Legacy and Mrs. Canada World 2021, respectively.
  • Episodes 19–21 with Devon Fiddler: A Cree parent from the Waterhen Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan, Chief Changemaker of SheNative Goods Inc.
  • Episodes 22–24 with Heather Payne: A parent and CEO of Juno College, formerly HackerYou, Founder of Ladies Learning Code, since re-branded to Canada Learning Code.
  • Episodes 25–27 with Nathan Hall: A parent and CEO of award-winning video marketing agency Simple Story and Founder and CEO of Culture Check, an anti-racism support center for the workforce.
  • Episodes 28–30 with Steve Folland: A parent, video and audio creator and the founder of Being Freelance and co-host of the Doing It For The Kids Podcast.
  • My DIY Podcast Workflow: Overview of the tools and tech I use, for more detail visit https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/my-diy-podcast-designed-spread-message-amy-lynch/

I hope each mini episode helps you feel less alone during these times.
The podcast is on a break over the summer, stay tuned for Season 3!

Thanks for listening, take care of yourself and your family.



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I believe parenthood and professional development doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

As a social impact movement and community, I'm focused on producing parent-friendly professional development, digital resources and more inclusive and flexible work solutions for primary caregivers.

This podcast is the result of my journey over the past five years bringing my kids into business settings, hosting parent-friendly professional development events and during these times, it's my creative attempt to continue connecting you with industry leaders and guest experts who also happen to be parents.

Mini episodes are released on Tuesday and Friday covering all things entrepreneurship, flexible and remote work with kids.

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