Mixing Babies And Business™

046 | Season 3 recap, podcasting while pregnant and how I'm preparing for parental leave with my third child in 2022

December 24, 2021 Amy Maureen Lynch Season 3 Episode 46
Mixing Babies And Business™
046 | Season 3 recap, podcasting while pregnant and how I'm preparing for parental leave with my third child in 2022
Show Notes

RECAP: My name is Amy Lynch and I'm the host and producer of the Mixing Babies And Business™ Podcast. Since August 2020, I've interviewed 14 guests and produced over 45 episode, across three seasons.

My work has been selected as a Finalist for Future of Good‘s Top 100 Recovery Projects in Canada in 2020 and has been invited to join the Startup Canada Communities national network in 2021.


  • Episode 32 Season 3 Intro: Featured interviews and future plans
  • Episodes 33–35 with Jennifer Harper: A mom of two, founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty in Canada 
  • Episodes 36–38 with Adonica Shaw: A mom of three, speaker, author and Founder of Wingwomen in the United States
  • Episodes 39–41 with Jane Downes: A mom of four, chartered accountant and the founder of Part-Time.ie and Jane Downes Finance Talent in Ireland
  • Episodes 42–44 with Rashmi Sirdeshpande: A mom of two and a lawyer turned children's author in England
  • BONUS Episode 45: Baby in the boardroom: Becoming an accidental activist and parentpreneur
  • Episode 46 Season 3 Finale Recap: Podcasting while pregnant and my parental leave prep: https://www.linkedin.com/post/12/13/2021/amymlynch

The podcast is on a break in the first half of 2022 while I have a baby and remember how to care for a newborn...stay tuned for Season 4!

For now, look after yourselves and best wishes over the coming months. Thank you for listening, spreading the word and supporting this work!

Season 3 has been sponsored by the Startup Community Empowerment Fund, presented by Startup Canada, Mastercard Canada, Sovereign Insurance and UPS Canada.


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